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Be part of a SelfMaker group, one of the leading companies in automation technology, with our digital token SelfToken. Transform the world with our cutting-edge solutions. Make a real difference.

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With our token, you can earn money!

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What is SelfToken?

SelfMaker: Innovative Self-Service Solutions

SelfToken is related to SelfMaker Group, the cutting-edge automation company. SelfMaker builds automation devices and tools for simplifying self-service and integrating seamlessly with applications.


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Automation Products

The benefits of SELFTOKEN

SelfToken is more than just a token – it offers multiple ways to increase value. 

Backed by Real Company

SelfMaker's success and growth directly affect the value and utility of SELF Token.

Earn Money with Tokend

Holding SELF tokens entitles you to receive tokend, that’s the profit generated by the entire SelfMaker ecosystem.

Potential for higher growth

A coin with a lower market cap, 7.7M SelfTokens, has more room to appreciate in price than one with a high market cap.

In control of your tokens

Tokenization increases the liquidity of assets by enabling easy transfer of ownership without the need for intermediaries.

To enable trading, you will need to download MetaMask

SelfWallet does not currently support selling or buying SelfToken. This is possible with MetaMask. 

For IOS :
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Trading SelfToken is easy on PancakeSwap

If your MetaMask Walllet is connected to PancakeSwap, you will be able to trade Selftokens no matter where you are with no hassle.

You can find Binance (BNB) on those well-known exchanges

You must have Binance (BNB) in order to sell or buy SelfToken. When trading SelfToken on, you will be charged a fee in BNB. There is no way to do it without BNB.

Getting SelfToken is easy.


Register MetaMask Wallet

Register MetaMask Wallet


Buying BNB

Buying BNB


Connect to PancakeSwap

Connect to PancakeSwap


Trade SelfToken

Trade SelfToken

Want to learn more about SelfToken trading? We have the right course for you!

We got a great plan for the future of SelfToken.

Dates for Q1:     January 1 – March 31

Dates for Q2:     April 1 – June 30

Dates for Q3:     July 1 – September 30

Dates for Q4:    October 1 – December 31

Q2, 2023

SelfWallet DEX integration

The SelfWallet app will be connected to the exchange to make token trading even easier

Q3, 2023

Creation of Self Token DAO

The first cases of passing decisions on the current affairs of SelfMaker into the hands of the community.

Q1, 2024

First CEX listings

For this period, we plan to implement trading opportunities on the first centralized exchanges.

Q1, 2024

Start of buyback program​

Q2, 2024

First Tokend

The first payoff of the SelfMaker ecosystem profits.

Questions & Answers

Have any questions? Find answers here.


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What are the most important rules for using a SELF token?

Remember to:

– save and keep your recovery password, private key and Metamask wallet seed in a safe place

– NEVER give your keys, passwords and seeds to ANYONE

– check the details carefully when making the funds transfer

What is the recovery password, private key and seed phrase?

All these are methods of encrypting and recovering your wallet. Recovery password and private key are used in SelfWallet app. Seed phrase is the method used in Metamask.


It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to physically write down and keep these informations in a safe place.



Why are you changing the chain to Binance Smart Chain?

For the comfort of our users. Currently, Ethereum transaction fees are very high.


Binance Smart Chain is an equally popular chain, but its use is much cheaper, quick and safe.

Where can I keep my Self tokens?

The best way is to use Metamask wallet app, switched to Binance Smart Chain network.

On which exchanges can I trade SELF tokens?
The first exchange that will list SelfToken is Pancake Swap.
What is the Self address?

Smart contract address: 0xC45c56Bf1aaF119a3c266f97BB28BF19646d0B1D

Our SelfToken holders are all over the world

Our platform reaches people all over the world, making it the best automation investment platform.

Over 30,000+ people in our SelfToken community.

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